So here’s my thought: People will love the new Retina display MacBooks. They are truly amazing computers, wY ahead of the competitors. Then, in a couple of years they will start to feel slow and outdated. Their owners will realize how much it sucks not to be able to upgrade ram or disk drive, or even replace the battery at a reasonable price. so they start looking for something new.

At that point, Apple will have moved away from their old MacBook line, leaving the customers with no options that can be upgraded. Now, with the current state of the competition, most customers would probably feel forced to buy a new Mac anyway, due to the lack of reasonable alternatives.

But if, in three years or so, there was a good a alternative, with smooth looks, good hardware (by which I mean a great display, keyboard, touchpad and body), i think a lot of people could actually consider switching.

I think the new MacBooks leave the field open. I don’t, however think the other players have the capability to step their game up. I think they will have their minds consumed by the problems that will arise due to the train wreck that is Windows 8.

It’s kinda sad, really. There will be a window of opportunity to break the Apple dominance, but no one will be their to seize the moment.

17 June 2012 by Andreas Eldh